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Farm Worker Resources

Through our years of work with migrant farm workers, we have identified numerous educational materials that are effective in communicating occupational health and safety (OHS) information to migrant farm workers. These handouts include those developed by NIOSH, CAL OSHA, the US National Center for Farmworker Health (NCFH), among others. Check out the subjects and download now.


Multilingual Health Information Library

Library of resources covering a variety of topics, all translated to multiple languages:


Getting Your Pesticide Safety Training

- Sign up for a Grower Pesticide Safety Course; OR On farm training by an On-Farm Instructor

Additional Resources

- Pesticide Safety for Farmer Assistants:

- Pesticide Safety for Farm Workers:


Contact the Pesticide Education Program

Injury Prevention in the Workplace

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injured at work infographic (2).JPG
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